What is Freemasonry?

A Blueprint for Living to Your Potential.    

Freemasonry is an individual journey towards becoming a better father, husband, friend, citizen and man, supported by other men at different points on the same journey. For centuries, the Lodge itself has been the launchpad for Masonic Education, and a common ground for Brethren of different backgrounds to meet and exchange ideas, provide support and offer friendship.

Masons live by the principles of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

Brotherly Love: Caring for Each Other and Our Communities

Masons regard the human species as one family, and as members of that family, we should act with respect and understanding toward others and seek to aid and support those who are in need. As Masons, we understand that everyone has their own path and their own obstacles. We aid and whisper wise counsel where we can, and we offer support and protection when necessary. In other words, Masons take responsibility for their communities and care for the people in them. Communities are not limited by geography, and a Mason is a member of many communities through his career, faith and interests.

Relief: Humbly Assist Those in Distress

As Masons, we should help others to negotiate the obstacles in their path, if not remove them altogether. Sometimes, Relief takes the form of a well-needed kindness at the right time. Most Masonic Relief is of this nature and is rarely, if ever, talked about. A mother who has to transport her child to a hospital three times a week for cancer treatments will find an envelope in her mailbox containing gas cards, a veteran finds that his meal has been paid for, or someone stops to assist a family with a flat tire on the side of the road. As Masons, we do not seek applause for our Relief work, because we believe that offering Relief is not a rare circumstance to be celebrated but the way that we are supposed to behave and conduct ourselves.


Truth: Using Knowledge and Understanding to Improve Ourselves, Our Families and Our Communities

As Masons, we recognize that knowledge gained should be knowledge shared; that investing your time, knowledge and experience through the act of mentoring and coaching is one of the better ways to live your Masonic principles.

In our modern society, it is more important than ever that Masons endeavor to seek and share these basic truths and put them into action through a life that informs, influences and inspires others.