Becoming A Mason

Becoming a Free and Accepted Mason is one of the greatest decisions a man can make. Be that as it may, being humble is a characteristic this Mason finds to be present in just about every brother he has met to date. Masons do not scream from the highest roof top declaring their membership in the fraternity nor do they actively recruit men to join their ranks. In fact, open recruitment does not coincide with Masonic law so it is likely that you may have known a Mason for a very long time and were just not aware.

In the modern age, the Internet is likely the first stop to find information concerning just about anything. That was my first stop but much to my surprise, there is not much reliable information out there to be had. I was not deterred and in fact this is one of the reasons that I volunteered to become to Webmaster for St. John’s Lodge bringing this web presence to you my hopeful future brother as well as all of my current brothers. In light of the sparse information I was finding and the fact that the lodge closest to me did not seem to have a web page, my next step was to visit the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania web page. Here I found a wealth of information straight from the men who lead the fraternity, where better to get information?

After reading through the series of pages following the “How to Join” link on the page, I proceeded to fill out the Lodge Contact Form. A few weeks later I was contacted by Brother Allen Light Worshipful Master of this St. John’s Lodge No. 260. There my process began which included filling out the lodge petition and meeting with several current Masons to ask the large amount of questions that I had. Please feel free to use the email link found in the top right corner of this page to email me directly should you too be so inclined to find a brother to answer your questions as I was and I will assist you in making that connection.

Please take a few minutes to watch the video below to learn a little more about Free Masonry.